Alcosense Verity Navy Breathalyser

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    Alcosense Verity Navy Breathalyser


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    Certified to Australian Standards AS3547, the AlcoSense Verity personal breathalyzer is assured to be reliable and accurate when providing a BAC reading. Specifically designed for convenient, personal breath testing, the AlcoSense Verity contains a special, integrated hidden mouthpiece that slides out easily for testing, and back in for storage.
  • Accurate, alcohol-specific readings: The Veritys fuel cell sensor gives precise readings every time. Its European made platinum fuel cell technology is designed to provide accurate readings test after test. As a fuel cell breathalyzer it also provides alcohol-specific readings, which means it will only read ethyl alcohol and not other types of alcohol from substances such as cologne or mouthwash.
  • Normal and Fast mode testing: You can use the Verity in two modes - normal mode and fast mode. In normal mode testing, you get accurate three-decimal place results with the use of the mouthpiece. Switch to fast mode just by holding down on the power button, and skip the need to use mouthpieces. Simply speak or blow into the mouthpiece slot to obtain 0, Lo or Hi alcohol level reading. Results in fast mode are presented within seconds, and it's super handy for testing multiple people.
  • Built-in mouthpiece: Its built-in mouthpiece is extra handy when you dont want to be ferrying loose mouthpieces around. If testing friends and family on a night out, simply attach a dispostable mouthpiece on to the integrated mouthpiece. The Verity comes with five individually wrapped mouthpieces you can safely keep in your bag or car dashboard for situations like these.
  • In the box:Other than the five mouthpieces, every Verity breathalyzer also comes with a soft carry pouch that's extra convenient for keeping the Verity in bags or in the car without getting scratches or dents on it. It's packed in a hard carry case that makes it easy to store the unit or even giftwrap it for friends and family.

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    Product Type Description Breathalyser

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