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    This extension is designed to work with APV Safety Products seatbelts only. This unit is designed to assist with the use of seat belts in a wide range of vehicles.


    Extension belt can be used in all compatible seat belt configurations. Typical applications include child seats, child booster seats and for large occupants in cars and buses, where the standard belt is too short.

    Owner or Vehicle Operator

    Use of the APV Extension Belt constitutes a modification to the original seat belts. Use of this extension belt when not required may be an offence. Strictly use the APV Extension Belt in conformance with these instructions.

    Instructions For Use Of Extension Belt

    1. The Extension Belt fits most Australian made vehicles since 1996. If the extension belt does not fit easily and lock securely into the existing seat belts in the vehicle - DO NOT USE THE EXTENSION BELT.
    2. Place the tongue of the Extension Belt into the vehicle seat belt buckle and the vehicle tongue into the Extension Belt buckle, as shown in Figure 1..
    3. To release the Extension Belt push the PRESS button on either the Extension Belt buckle or the vehicle's buckle.
    4. To remove the Extension Belt from the vehicle, push the PRESS button on the Extension Belt buckle and the vehicle's buckle.


    1. Only use the Extension Belt when the standard belt is too short. Incorrect use may cause serious injury.
    2. Extension Belt may not fit some vehicles. For more information phone 1800 804 588 for vehicle compatibility details.
    3. Ensure buckle is at or below the wearers hip-point.
    4. If the extension belt does not fit easily and lock securely info the existing seat belts in the vehicle - DO NOT USE THE EXTENSION BELT.
    5. DO NOT use with Pretensioning seatbelts.
    6. If the vehicle is involved in an accident, the Extension Belt must be replaced, even if the damage is not obvious.
    7. Any fraying of the webbing will reduce its strength and the Extension Belt should be replaced.
    8. The Extension Belt should no be used with the webbing twisted.
    9. Only one occupant must wear each belt assembly.
    10. Cleaning may be carried out using a mild soap and water.
    11. It is the manufacturer's recommendation that the entire seat belt assembly be replaced if faded, frayed, cut or damaged in any way. Any seat belt worn in an accident should be replaced.


    Shipping Weight 0.5 kg
    Package Width 15 cm
    Package Height 20 cm
    Package Depth 4 cm


    Product Type Description N/A
    Brand APV
    Description B) APV EXTENSION STRAP

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