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    Kills 99.9999% of the dangerous micro-nasties lurking in your interior with quat based technology, creating safe antibacterial protection that keeps working long after the application.
    Effective and safe for your interior plastics, leather, vinyl, glass, piano black plastics, carbon fibre, even clear polycarbonate.
    Use on frequently touched areas, like steering wheels, arm rests, door handles, shifters, touchscreens, buttons and more.
    Easy to use; spray into a Dirty Deeds microfibre cloth, wipe over surfaces and leave for 10 minutes. Then wipe over once more and give a final buff with a clean and dry Dirty Deeds microfibre cloth.
    Cleans off light sticky residues, greasy finger marks, light dust and other gunk.
    Leaves a nice, clean low sheen and non-greasy anti-static finish, to minimise dust build up.
    Has a light Aussie eucalypt and lemon-mint fragrance so it doesn't overpower you in the car after use.
    Does not use bleach, chlorine, peroxide, alcohol or any other oxidising biocides or harsh chemicals.
    This formula uses the effective Quat know as Benzalkonium Chloride, or BZK, at a ratio of just on 1000 PPM, which is up to 25% higher than many popular, quality household disinfectants.
    Will inhibit further bacteria growth on any hard, non-porous surfaces.
    Recommended to be used after our Vinyl Care or Leather Love products as it will not affect the look, feel or breathability in the case of leather.
    Can be used by wiping over on fabrics, but it's not as effective as on harder, less porous surfaces.
    Do not self mix with other products or ingredients. This is very important as it uses a type of chemistry that's negatively affected if you try to make your own brew.
    Proudly Aussie made by our passionate local chemists to help keep your interior safe.


    Shipping Weight 0.79 kg
    Package Width 11 cm
    Package Height 25 cm
    Package Depth 7 cm


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    Brand Bowdens Own
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