12V 32,000 mAh SJS LITHIUM JUMP STARTER 3000A

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    12V 32,000 mAh SJS LITHIUM JUMP STARTER 3000A


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    Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere because of a dead battery is every motorists nightmare. Fortunately, the SJS 12V 32,000 mAh 3,000AMP Lithium Jump Starter offers a solution when your battery lets you down.

    This high-powered jump starter works efficiently with diesel engines up to 7L or 10 litres petrol engines capacity. Featuring a lithium polymer battery cell, its packed with power that can deliver multiple cranks before it needs recharging. Compact, lightweight, and easy to use, this battery booster comes in handy when needed.

    For a dedicated motorist, safety is a priority, that’s why this state-of-the-art battery booster comes with jumper leads featuring Jump Start Safe Technology which provides protection from the following:

    • Reverse Charging
    • Short Circuit
    • Reverse Polarity
    • Overheating/ Over cranking

    LCD Screen to show battery capacity

    Dual USB 5V Digital device charging ports 5V 1A, 5V 2.5A

    Multi volt Digital devise charging 12V 2.5A 16V 3.5A 19V 3.5A

    3000Amp Absolute Cell Power

    1200Amp Max. Peak Clamp Power

    800Amp Max. Starting Power

    A 3-mode LED flashlight and digital charging ports are added essential features. With this lithium-ion jump starter, you'll surely get to your destination. Order today!


    Shipping Weight 2.41 kg
    Package Width 25.1 cm
    Package Height 8 cm
    Package Depth 38 cm


    Product Type Description N/A
    Brand SJS
    Description JUMP STARTER 12V 32000MAH 3000AMP

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