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    Gulf Western Oil ENGINE OIL TOP DOG XDO 15W40 1L

    Product SKU Code: 4448660 / OA02009

    Product Details

    Top Dog XDO is a premium diesel engine oil meeting the latest in lubrication technology. It holds global approval from Mack Trucks USA and Volvo Switzerland. It is recognized as being an official factory fill lubricant. Top Dog XDO utilises the latest specification in diesel additive technology. Top Dog XDO is ideally suited for mixed fleets including American, European and Japanese diesel engines. Top Dog XDO can be used in stationary engines, heavy duty earth moving and road transport applications as well as light commercial diesel applications and Allison C4 transmissions. Top Dog XDO can also be used in late model petrol engines both stationary and in mixed vehicle fleets.


    Shipping Weight 0.949 kg
    Package Width 13.5 cm
    Package Height 22.5 cm
    Package Depth 7.5 cm


    Product Type Description Top Dog XDO SAE 15W-40 1 Litre
    Brand Gulf Western Oil
    Description 1 Litre