Gulf Western Oil 10W30 Premium Energy Engine Oil 1L

    Product SKU Code: 4448662

    Manufacturer Part No. 30132

    Gulf Western Oil 10W30 Premium Energy Engine Oil 1L


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    Product Details

    PREMIUM ENERGY is a low viscosity, energy conserving premium grade passenger car engine oil offering the latest in API additive technology and fuel efficiency standards. It provides superior engine protection and offers advanced protection against cold start wear, oxidation while providing excellent thermal stability.

    PREMIUM ENERGY is suitable for use in modern engine vehicles where a 7.5w or 10w30 engine oil is called for or when superior fuel efficiency is desired. It meets the demanding ILSAC GF-5 energy conserving specification. It is suitable for turbo charged and super charged engines. It is recommended for Petrol, LPG and lightly loaded diesel engines.

    Specifications: API SN, ILSAC GF-5, Ford WSS-M2C-945A/946A, Chrysler MS6395


    Shipping Weight 0.9 kg
    Package Width 6 cm
    Package Height 26 cm
    Package Depth 13.5 cm


    Product Type Description PREMIUM ENERGY 1 LITRE SAE 10W-30
    Description 1 Litre

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