Penrite ATFMHP004 Semi-Syn Auto Transmission Fluid 4L

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    Penrite ATFMHP004 Semi-Syn Auto Transmission Fluid 4L


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    It is an advanced formula designed for optimum performance, outstanding high temperature resistance and it provides 3 x times the smooth shift durability over the life of the fluid compared to the industry standard anti shudder test.


    ATF MHP is suitable for use in 4, 5 & 6 + speed automatic transmissions in passenger cars, 4WD' and light & heavy duty commercial vehicles. It provides for 3 times smooth shift durability for the life of the fluid when measured in a JASO M349 anti shudder test.

    ATF MHP is ideal for use in BTR 4 speed transmissions used by Ford and SsangYong where BTR 91LE/95LE is specified and can be used to replace DEXRON® II or DEXRON® III fluids in all applications that specify this type of product.

    ATF MHP is particularly suitable for Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Proton & Kia motor vehicles where MM SP, SP2, SP3 or PA fluids are specified and for service-fill in Toyota vehicles that specify Type T-II, Type T-III and Type T-IV. It is also recommended for Holden Astra, Barina, Zafira and Vectra plus other European manufacturers (such as Volvo, Ford and Jaguar) that use Aisin or JATCO automatic transmissions, as well as Chrysler automatic transmissions where ATF+3® or ATF+4® fluids are required.

    ATF MHP can be used in automatic transmissions, heavy duty automatic transmissions, power steering systems, rotary vane and screw type compressors, hydraulic systems and manual transmissions where GM Dexron® type fluids are specified.

    Please Note:

    • Not for use in 6 and 8 speed ZF transmissions or 7 speed Mercedes Benz transmissions.
    • Not for use in Direct-Shift or Dual Clutch Gearboxes (DSG/ DCT) or Continuously Variable Transmissions use in Direct-Shift or Dual Clutch Gearboxes (DSG/ DCT) or Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT)
    • Please refer to Penrite Recommendation Guide for the correct applications


    • 3 x times smooth shift durability over the life of the fluid*
    • Prevents clutch shudder in modulated torque converters
    • Extended oil drain intervals
    • Stable synthetic base oil that resists oxidation
    • Extends transmission life through superior wear protection
    • Improved power transfer, fuel economy & reduced deposit formation
    • Compatible with a wide range of seal materials
    • Reduced deposit formations due to use of effective oxidation inhibitors
    • Maximises equipment life by maintaining wear protection
    • Maintains oil film strength throughout the drain interval
    • Improved power transfer and fuel economy
    • Reduced deposit formations

    *JASO M349 industry anti shudder test


    Shipping Weight 4 kg
    Package Width 14 cm
    Package Height 26 cm
    Package Depth 18.5 cm


    Product Type Description Semi Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Brand PENRITE
    Description 4 Litre