Shell Helix HX7 15W50 1L

    Product SKU Code: 4290677

    Shell Helix HX7 15W50 1L

    Product Details

    Extra responsiveness for engines with more than 100,000 km - Thicker oil that contains extra anti-wear agents - Special Active Cleansing technology - Better protection thanks to higher viscosity Specifications and Approvals: API SL/CF; ACEA A3/B3/B4; JASO SG+.


    Shipping Weight 0.88 kg
    Package Width 11.7 cm
    Package Height 21.8 cm
    Package Depth 6.3 cm


    Product Type Description Helix HX7 High Mileage 1 Litre
    Brand SHELL
    Description HELIX HX7 15W50 1L HIGH MILEAGE 300010177 300010873 300012184

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